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Abortion does not “fix” the damage of rape. It multiplies it.  Take it from this rape-survivor: 


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    This gif says it all. How about the woman should be able to choose whether or not she wants to carry her rapist’s baby?...
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    As an adopted child of sexual assault, yes. Rape victims should have access to abortion. Just because something didn’t...
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    Your personal experience does not replicate the personal experience for everyone else who has become pregnant as a...
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    Wow…… This is just disgusting. You really think that woman who have been raped should be forced to carry out their...
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    Except I’m a living human being who is not leeching off the body of another person who does not want to give birth to me...
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    The experience and choice of one person does not mean it will be the same for every person. Stop trying to shame the...
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